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The Apple iPhone X



The Apple iPhone X: Should You Ditch Apple iPhone 8 For This?

The Apple iPhone X: Should You Ditch Apple iPhone 8 For This?

The Apple iPhone X is the newest addition to the Apple iPhone collection. For avid Apple users who have not changed their phones for years and looking to reward themselves with something new, this new iPhone is something to look forward to. But for recent owners of the Apple iPhone 8, this new iPhone will make you question whether you should ditch your iPhone 8 for it or not.

So, just as you read massage chairs reviews to make sure you are buying best massage results, learning about iPhone X features and issues can help you make a decision too.

Features and Benefits of Apple iPhone X:

  • 8 inch edge-to-edge display. One look at the Apple iPhone X will amaze you because it is screen all over. This feature makes the Apple iPhone X extra wider. Playing videos, viewing pictures, playing games, etc. can be more enjoyable. This feature also makes this new iPhone cool-looking that being the owner of this gadget can make you proud.
  • Thin, sleek and neat-looking design. The Apple iPhone X is made of glass from front to back and its frames are made of stainless steel. Side buttons are neatly placed on the side. Its thin frame makes it easy to grasp the iPhone and a great space saver inside your bag. The sleek and neat look makes this a very sophisticated iPhone one can flaunt proudly.
  • Multi-Purpose Front Camera. There is one main purpose of front cameras and that is to do a selfie. With the Apple iPhone X, front cameras can do more. Aside from selfie, it can be used for FACE ID, by which this new iPhone is boasting about. In order to unlock your phone and start using it, you’ll need to show your face in front of the camera for it to detect you as the owner.

Another thing it is use for is for Animoji, a cool feature that allows your chosen emoji to copy your actual facial expression. These front camera functions are made possible because of its built-in flood illuminator, ambient light sensor, microphone, dot projector, infrared camera, proximity scanner and speaker.

  • OLED Screen. This new feature is what’s responsible for iPhone X improved picture and graphic quality. This makes your pictures, videos, games, etc. look more realistic and eye-friendly.
  • Wireless and Fast Charging. Apple iPhone X can be charged using a charging pad instead of the typical wired charging. This is possible since this new iPhone is made of glass all over. With this feature, there is no need to find an outlet where you can charge your phone.

Aside from being wireless, this gadget also charges fast. It can charge up to 50 percent for 30 minutes, requiring you only an hour to complete full charge. This iPhone’s battery life is also made to last longer. You can enjoy using your gadget for longer periods and not worry even if its battery runs low on the go.

  • A11 Bionic Processor. This feature makes the Apple iPhone X more powerful, faster, and higher in performance. You can experience no lags when using our phone anymore.

Issues about Apple iPhone X:

  • The Cost. Apple iPhone X is really expensive, what with the unique and amazing features it has. Sure, you can save for this but according to reports, this new iPhone is more complicated to assemble, so even if there are units out in the market, supply may not last long. By the time you have saved up for this, there may be no more stock for you.
  • The Apple iPhone X has no home screen. There may be a lot of tricks you need to learn on how to navigate and use this gadget. Sure, it can be learned, but it would make you miss the simpler versions.
  • There is nothing unique about edge-to-edge screen. This feature is being used by other Android devices already. Even its wireless charging is also a feature present in Apple iPhone 8.

Bottom line:

In terms of screen quality and resolution, iPhone X may be higher, but it doesn’t mean that your iPhone 8 is lacking in giving you high definition pictures. It also uses artificial intelligence in opposite to Android’s machine learning which makes a huge advantage and allows you to record and repeat moves. In terms of wireless charging, 8 and X both feature wireless charging. In terms of new features like the FACE ID and Animoji, you can probably live with your Touch ID sensor, unless you have sensitive information on your phone that you want to secure everything. But of course, if you are very wealthy and the price of Apple iPhone X is just a penny for you, you can ditch your iPhone 8 right away.









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