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The Top 3 Best Drones



The Top 3 Best Drones to Buy

The Top 3 Best Drones

The Top 3 Best Drones

The best drone is one that has all the features you are looking for. However, sometimes this becomes a challenge especially at this age where there are hundreds of different types and models of drones in the market. This makes it hard for people to choose the best and this is even worse for beginners.

Well if you are thinking about buying a drone but you are not sure what type and model to buy, we have listed some of the best drones you can buy as picked from the Hubsan X4 H107D FPV review. Drones that will not pinch your wallet by still deliver quality footage.

Drones are currently the most exciting tools that are controlled by 4 non-movable pitch fan blades which rotate at different speeds to control it as it flies.  The list presented here is for the drones that are rated highly by the drone flying community.  They are all assembled so you don’t have to worry about putting the features together to fly.

Your work is to charge the battery to its maximum, check the instructions that came with your drone as your battery continues to charge, it is in fact, good to check on the “how to fly” section and also watch some videos of others flying the type and model of the drone you own so that you get a clue of what to do.

Let’s get into the list!

  1. DJI Spark Drone

A mini-drone that encompasses all of the DJI’s signature systems, which gives you an opportunity to get hold of the moment whenever your excitements reach its peak. The DJI Spark Drone is designed with intelligent flight control features; it also comes with a mechanical gimbal as well as a camera that produce high-quality pictures.

This drone also features a face-recognition technology known as the Quick Launch with Face Aware that makes it capable of lifting off from your hand by recognizing your face. Its simple control captures exciting aerial pictures via hand gestures which do not require a remote controller or a mobile device.

  1. Sky Drone Pro 720 Quadcopter Drone

The drone market is saturated with cheap and unbranded drones currently; however, they don’t offer users the quality they deserve to get. The Sky Drone Pro is a well-designed, simple and features a 720p HD camera that delivers amazing video of your flying. This drone comes with a controller which is powered by AA batteries and can fly higher about 40m which is the highest level in most conditions. With the Sky Drone Pro, you will enjoy a 7 minute’s flight. To charge the batteries, it will only take you just 30 minutes. This drone is stable and can perform flips and rolls once you become a pro.

  1. DJI Mavic Pro

Another drone from DJI is the DJI Mavic Pro with a range and speed that goes beyond the Spark. This drone is also portable. It features foldable legs and can fit well in your traveling bag. In fact, you can carry this drone in your jacket pocket. What makes this drone an outstanding one is the ability to offer you 25 minutes of flight time within a single charge, and a speed of 40 miles/h, as well as a range of 4 miles when used with a remote. Another great feature is the larger camera that features a 3-axis gimbal to ensure your video footage is stable with the ability to record in full 4K.


A drone with the features that can offer you high-quality camera and video footage while at the same time maintaining its stability makes the best choice you could go for. There are hundreds of drone models in the market; however, you need to know what you want out of a drone for you to get the best.


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