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4 Best Free Online Word Processors



4 Best Free Online Word Processors

4 Best Free Online Word Processors


4 Best Free Online Word Processors

In today’s world oriented around computer and software technology, everybody needs a Word Processor. A word Processor is basically a software program which is destined to develop professional documents for its user. The target market of a word processing program includes everybody from almost every field. From Businessman to an employee, from a student to a teacher, almost every one requires a word processing software to develop and write their official letters and such sort of stuff. It doesn’t matter that on which type of operating system you’re working, Windows, MAC, Linux, you can find Word processor for your O.S. Some of them are free to use while for some you need to pay to use them.

Can’t download them, go Online.
Everyone has his priorities. There might be a chunk of people who don’t want to download such Softwares due to any reason like stuffing their Computers with many Softwares, Lack of Storage, preventing their systems from malware attacks and likewise. So in such situation, there’s another alternative and that is to use those Word Processors which are online. So now the question arises that are these Softwares free or paid? The answer is that you can find both of them. It depends on the user to define his selection between the two types.

The main purpose of this article is to provide information about four free online Word processing programs. It will help you to analyze that which of the following Programs suits to your requirements, please note that in order to accomplish quality documents from any errors one should use a punctuation checker to check for grammar mistakes and correct them, Anyhow, So let’s have a look at the following fantastic four word processors.

  • Google Docs
    The first software which made to our list is Google Docs. This is a free online software which is a product of Google. The good news is that if you’re an old user of a Word processor like Microsoft word, you’ll acclimatize yourself easily with Google docs. It allows you to write, develop and edit your document and you’ll never miss Microsoft Word while using it.
    With the cloud storage feature, you can access your documents prepared on Google docs anywhere by just using your google email account. Furthermore, the auto saves feature is one of a kind. It automatically saves your work while you’re writing. This will help you to start yours again from the point where you left it last time.
  • Zoho Writer
    Zoho writer is the word processing program which is at the second spot. Just like Google Docs, it is also very easy to use. It has a very simple interface. It allows you to gain almost every benefit which you can expect from a good word processor. Just like Google docs, it comes with a feature of Cloud storage and exporting the files into various formats like PDF, DOCX and likewise.
    The main factor which differentiates it from others is that you can chat with other users of Zoho Writer and can collaborate on thedevelopment of your mutual documents like Class assignments, Research projects and likewise.
  • Only Office Personal
    Only Office Personal is the next software which has made to this list. It is a good software providing every feature which you can expect from a Word Processor. It allows you to use your Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Zoho Writer account and import the documents there into Only Office Personal. This is a good feature, means you can access any document from anywhere, another feature is it’s a punctuation checker that comes in handy when you don’t have access to any editor. It also allows you to import structures like Graphs, Tables and likewise.
  • Microsoft Word Online
    How is it possible that this list would be completed without the Giant of this industry. Yes! Microsoft Word Online. This is a free software provides every feature which you can expect from the complete software you download on your computer. Furthermore, you can use this software on your mobile phone as well but at some application stores, you’ve to buy the application on your mobile.


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