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8 Tips for Buying a VPN Service



8 Tips for Buying a VPN Service

8 Tips for Buying a VPN Service

Are you ready to surf the web anonymously?  Or maybe you received an email from your Internet Provider about downloading copyrighted bittorrents?  The answer is a good VPN service and here we’ll give you some tips on finding a good vpn provider.


You want to choose a vpn service that publicly confirms that they do not keep logs.  Why?  Sometimes a company or internet provider may ask the vpn to provide logs to prove who downloaded copyrighted material.  If the vpn doesn’t keep logs, they can’t provide that information.  This is key to keep you safe.


If you really want to be anonymous and secure, the vpn service should offer payment options other than Paypal or credit card.  Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are completely anonymous and can’t be traced back to you.  This is not required for the average user but if you are really paranoid and have some cryptocurrency it might be a good option for you.


You might be surprised to know that some vpn services give only limited bandwidth.  This can be frustrating if you are part way through the month and realize you have already reached your cap.  Anyone with a data plan on their mobile phone can relate.  Choose a vpn that gives unlimited bandwidth, especially if you are downloading bittorrents or using a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.


It might be important to you to install the vpn on your mobile phone or on multiple computers.  Make sure that the vpn provider allows multiple devices on one account and that they offer an app for your brand of phone (iPhone/Android).

Server Locations

Make sure that the vpn has servers in locations that work for you.  For instance, if you live in Germany and the service doesn’t have any servers near you, you might find that you get really slow speeds.  Locations of servers can also be very important if you plan on using the vpn for a streaming service that geoblocks.  The number of servers the vpn has can also be important.  If they only have one in the area that you are planning on using, you may find the service to be slower than expected.


If you are planning to use the vpn to download bittorrents, be careful to ensure that the provider allows this option.  Some vpn services only allow web browsing and will disable or ban your account if you are found to be using p2p.


Like anything, not all vpn’s are equal.  It is suggested that you do your homework before dropping down your hard earned money.  Reputable sites like Trustpilot are a really good place to start.  Read some of the positive as well as negative reviews and remember that more people will leave negative reviews than they will positive ones.  After all, if a service is exactly as you expected, you probably won’t be going out of your way to leave a review.


Price should be your lowest concern but still something to be considered.  Some vpn’s can be two and even three times more expensive than a similar service that provides the same thing.  Services that are less well known tend to have lower prices than some of the bigger names since they probably have lower overhead and are trying to gain market share.

A lot of vpn services also provide coupons or promo codes to lower your cost.  Most are a one time discount, but a few of them will give you a discount for life.  For instance, for a good Torguard Promo Code, visit DomainCouponsPro and save 50% for as long you are signed up.


Hopefully these tips will help you choose the best vpn for your needs.  A little bit of homework can save you headaches down the road, and make sure you get the best value for your money.




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