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Gaming Headphones vs Music Headphones



Gaming Headphones vs Music Headphones: What’s the Difference?

Gaming Headphones vs Music Headphones

Audio is a very important part of gaming. It actually has the power to make or break your performance as the game sounds feature audio cues that add to the efficiency of the visual graphics. This is the main reason why every avid gamer must invest in the best quality Headphones. With the great advances in technology, there have been more brands and models of headphones released into the market. For the regular gamer, there often comes a time when the bargain between buying gaming headphones or high quality music headphones becomes a reality. This may be quite confusing, but as we discuss the main differences between these two, you will find it easier to understand and make your decision on which kind of headphones to invest in.

Design and Comfort

Manufacturers of gaming headphones build headphones with the consideration that gamers spend hours on end at their gaming stations. They always think carefully about comfort, coming up with designs that fit perfectly and feel great when being used. Most gaming headphone earpieces are designed to fit over the ear, with soft padding to offer better comfort. On the other hand, music headphones come in different designs, most of which are based on beauty over comfort. However, the best manufacturers of music headphones ensure that they offer ultimate comfort, but when it comes to earphones and earbuds, they cannot achieve the most needed comfort during long periods of gaming.

Sound Quality

Gaming headphones are packed with both hardware and software features that are meant to improve sound quality. Whether open-back or closed-back, gaming headphones are intended to ensure crisp clarity of sound, thanks to the way its earpieces fit over your ears. In addition to a design that directs all the sound into the gamer’s ears, the sound drivers and sound programming used in gaming headphones is the best technology in this industry, thus aiding in making sound quality perfect. The Best gaming headphones are categorized in terms of Stereo, Surround 5.1 or 7.1 sound quality. On the other hand, music headphones also feature great sound quality. However, only the few high-end models will match the sound quality of gaming headphones as they are not equipped with opnotch technologies. Their designs are also mostly based on their general appearance rather than the quality of the sound they produce.


Being able to customize audio settings is a blessing for any gamer as it dictates the clarity of every instance in the game. Gaming headphones usually have equalizers that fine-tune and regulate the bass or treble to ensure that even the finest sounds are audible. This makes it possible to listen to all the instructions and audio cues that are critical in gameplay. The supreme adjustability of gaming headphones makes them versatile thus can be used for gaming, listening to music and in the studio. Music headphones only feature a flat EQ that keeps the sounds leveled, which is only ideal for listening to music. Since music or studio headphones cannot put emphasis on bass or treble when needed, they are not suitable for gaming.


In terms of pricing, most gaming headphones bear higher prices in comparison to regular music headphones. This difference in price corresponds to the build quality and the materials used in the headphones. Gaming headphones tend to have more thought-out designs with strong and durable materials such as strong plastic, genuine leather and long-lasting foam padding. These headphones have been built with quality in mind thus the high price tags. Every connection is secured strongly so that they do not snap or break when being used. On the other hand, most music headphones are made of flimsy materials, especially the earbuds and other cheap models. Most of these headphones have weak connecting wires and earpieces among other parts.


The ability to connect to different devices with ease is one of the features that give gaming headphones an upper hand over other headset models. Most gaming headphones can be wired, wireless or a combination of both. Wired headphones connect to the gaming device via cables, while wireless ones do so via wireless networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The last model is the one that combines both wired and wireless technologies. Even though regular music headphones can also be wired or wireless, the level of connectivity is not as high quality as that of gaming headphones. Actually, gaming headphone connectivity is in such a way that accuracy and clarity of audio must be achieved. In contrast, most music headphones do not offer excellent connectivity that ensures precision when it comes to transmission of audio from the source of sound to the earpieces of the headphones.


When playing a multiplayer game, it is necessary for a gamer to communicate with his teammates or opponents. For this to be possible, most gaming headphones usually come with a built-in microphone through which the gamer can talk to the other gamer on the other end. Even though some gamers find it better to purchase music headphones that do not have a microphone and then finding a separate microphone for them, gaming headphones that have built-in microphones offer great convenience, portability and reliability. Most music headphones do not come with their own microphones because they are only meant for listening to music and not sound recording. The presence of a microphone actually makes gaming headphones more versatile as compared to ordinary music headphones.

Final Verdict

Ask any ambitious gamer what their most important asset in the gaming station is, and a very high percentage will attest to the great significance of high quality gaming headphones. However, for some gamers, especially novices, picking the right headphones is a daunting task. With the many designs of headphones entering the market every single day, gamers may find it challenging to choose between the high quality music headphones and gaming headphones. While most people may convince you that your everyday music headphones will offer similar quality of sound as the gaming headphones, you should be careful not to fall for this lie. The best gaming headphones are usually designed, made and tested by the world’s most experienced gamers before being released into the market. Therefore, the sound quality, build quality, comfort and durability among other important features of the gaming headphones must be approved before they even land onto the shelves of your favorite gaming accessory stores. This makes the gaming headphones the ultimate pick for any gamer that wants amazing gaming results.

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