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Advantages of Residential Rotating Proxies



Advantages of Residential Rotating Proxies

Advantages of Residential Rotating Proxies

Advantages of Residential Rotating Proxies

Choosing residential rotating proxies can be a daunting task. There are handful proxies out there, but getting the one that is right for your needs can be difficult. In fact, it is worth noting that residential proxies have bandwidth limits. Although Datacenter proxies are also fast and can hide IP, residential rotating proxies are helpful when it comes to website scraping and comparable sells intelligence needs.

After installing the internet at the place you are living, an ISP or Internet Service Provider will get you a residential IP.  Once you start browsing the web, you will get an IP address. It is important to know that the control and management of your residential IP is normally the responsibility of your ISP, so you may find that every time you start your network, your IP address changes.

Let’s find out what a residential proxy is?

To familiarize ourselves with residential proxies, we must start with finding out what a residential IP address is and this is a particular IP that you are assigned by your service provider every time you are browsing the web. This IP makes it easier for websites to identify you and allows you access to different websites when connected to the internet.

An IP address is usually dynamic or static.  An IP address that changes every time you start your internet or router is called a dynamic IP address whereas the one that doesn’t change even when you restart your network or router is called a static IP address. This means that every time you browse the web, your IP address remains the same and does not change.

Now residential proxies are simply IP addresses that are specifically assigned to internet users of a specific state, region or locality but they are assigned to other states, region or locality. This means that Residential proxy service providers sell residential IP addresses belonging to one country, to other countries. 

Now let’s get the advantages of residential rotating proxies!

  • Improves online privacy

Proxies are good when it comes to helping you to browse the web without leaving traces on the web. On this matter, residential proxies are the most sought after than the all the other types of proxies. The reason why they are most preferred is that they are obtained in small quantities but they are the most secure and safer than any other type of proxy. They ensure while you are browsing the internet, all your personal information remains secure and safe.

  • Working with residential rotating proxies minimizes chances of getting banned/blocked.

The reason why they are called rotating proxies is that the IP address you are assigned changes every time you reboot your network or router. IP rotation makes your connection virtual which makes it hard to get banned. When your IP address changes constantly, you can send excessive requests and you won’t get blocked. This makes you capable of accessing different websites than you could access via static proxies.

The wrap up

It is good to know that many companies that sell residential proxies are also selling data center proxies. This calls for users to be keen while buying their proxies as some of these companies may tell you they are selling you residential proxies while they sell you Datacenter proxies. This requires you to buy from a reputable services provider.

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