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Windscribe An Ideal VPN



Windscribe An Ideal VPN To Unblock Netflix (US) And To Protect Your Privacy

Windscribe An Ideal VPN To Unblock Netflix (US) And To Protect Your Privacy

Windscribe An Ideal VPN

Internet has become a place where everything seems possible even when you are in a different country. From looking for a hotel to booking a hotel from a different country has become possible because of the Internet. The money spent using Internet has also attracted many quick money makers on the platform, which has crossed $400 billion in just few years.

You can protect yourself while surfing and browsing Internet via VPN. Virtual private network is what VPN stands for and it is a popular way to protect you from online scammers, trackers, and access blocked sites.

But, when it comes to choosing the right one for you and your business, you get confused because of the number of service available online today. Who offers a better security, service & performance?

Which VPN is ideal for you?

Out of many, we can suggest you few, but Windscribe is one of the major players in the market today. The company is spending a lot on security, improvement and marketing to they can reach the potential customers like you.

Windscribe offers both free-version and paid version to the new users. If you are a new users, then you will get 2GB (if you don’t add an email), 10GB/month once you add your email and you will get unlimited data if you upgrade to pro account.

Windscribe Features

We know that many of you want to know more about the features and services the Windscribe has to offer to you. We are going to point out important features and missing features in the end, so make sure to read to the end.

Simple Clients – If you are not a technical guy, then do not worry because the developer team has designed the program for beginners as well.

Network – The number of locations does matter because WIndscribe offers 52 countries and 100 cities to the premium users.

Supports – We were surprised that Windscribe supports Browser, Smartphones, TV, Router, and IP Config as well. Just imagine that your router will run Windscribe, so manual work is eliminated.

No Logs – VPN’s are saving logs of your activity, which is not the case in Windscribe. You will remain anonymous because no activity logs are saved.

Encryption – We have not tested Encryption part with professionals, but Windscribe claims that they have strongest encryption.

Windflix – You will be happy to learn that now you can access Netflix no matter where you are. Netflix blocks you from accessing content, when you are in a different country. Once click to enable “Windflix” and you will have UK or USA server accessing your Netflix account.

Hotspot & Firewall – Windscribe uses Firewall feature to keep out unauthorized access and also a secure line is created for hotspot.

Ad Blocking – False Advertisements have become another way to track you and your data as well. Windscribe blocks all pop-up ads, so you are safe from such people.

There are several other features, which are listed by the company, but now it’s the time we tell you about the missing features, which are important these days.

DNS Leaking – They should work on adding DNS Leak protection because it is a needed feature in this generation.

IOS APP – Currently, Windflix is not available for iOS device, which means iPhone’s and iPad’s cannot use Windflix. The company is working on it as of now, and soon it will available.

How does Windscribe works on Windows?

The program file size is only 14MB (32BIT) and after installation it is only 37MB, which makes it light weight.

The interface is extremely simple and easy to understand, but make sure to click on “Allow access” when the firewall blocks it.

You have to do this only once, when you launch it for the first time. Remember, you are giving full access to the Windscribe in firewall.

The interface is really simple and the options available are three line setting, Notifications, Best location, Off/On, and off.

Once you click on the BIG ROUND OFF button, the program will begin selecting the best location for you. In ten seconds, the VPN will connect you to another location and it also protects you by enabling built-in firewall.

After checking the IP Address, we have found that we were connected to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) location.

In case, if you are not satisfied with the location, then by clicking on highlighted area, you can bring down more locations to change your current location.


Windscribe offers both paid and free version, so first download the free version to test the features and functions, then you will be able to make a decision. Let us know which feature you have liked about Windscribe in the comment section.

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